Preparation of a preliminary budget to establish a guideline for the project.

Develop a ‘room by room’ listing of medical equipment needs for each department. 

Communicate with all stakeholders throughout the process to make sure that desired outcomes are realistic and within general budget parameters.


In an existing facility, inventory of all equipment and determine its ownership status and practical value for the new facility.

Through ongoing meetings with all parties, a comprehensive planning worksheet of all equipment required will be prepared with potential vendors, cost estimates, lead times, etc.


Throughout the entire design/construction process, we will communicate and coordinate with key parties on all architecturally significant and spatial equipment requirements.

While professional software and experience is important, it does not replace regular ‘on site’ visits and meetings. We will be available to facilitate user meetings as well as clinical mock-ups of equipment if required.


The increased procurement activity during expansion/construction may overload existing procurement personnel. In addition, the rapidly changing technology involved with much new equipment requires additional investigation and research. 

Our role is to work closely with ‘materials management’ to make sure that the equipment is correctly specified, adequate vendor support is negotiated and decisions are made in the most cost-effective manner.


Our role is not over when the equipment planning and purchasing has been finalized. We can be there to liaise with Project Managers, contractors, department managers, vendors and all other parties to assist with ‘on time’ deliveries, efficient installations and all vital steps to a successful activation.

Susan Rachtman, EDAC

Green Belt Lean Certified for Healthcare

Medical Equipment Planning Services
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