Lean principles lead to continuous improvement in operational processes by eliminating unnecessary waste. Lean will transform any healthcare organization, large or small, into a safer, more highly effective facility, helping to cut waste and costs.

As a Certified Lean planner, I engage and work with the design team, management and user groups to identify and review potential problem areas.  If not recognized early, these issues can create frustrations that can impact on operational workflow and equipment decisions. I will be part of a team effort to improve overall processes while monitoring equipment budget constraints.

Using Lean principles in your Equipment Planning will benefit hospital processes in many areas including:

     Inventory Management
     Storage & Transportation Solutions for Clinical Supplies
     Operating Room & Sterile Production Services
     Equipment & Instrumentation Availability

"Time is the currency of the 21st century. We spend time; we spend money. We invest time; we invest money. We budget time, save time, and waste time. What percentage of your time do you spend adding value?"  - Flinchbaugh, Jamie and Carlino, Andy. 2006. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Lean

Susan Rachtman, EDAC

Green Belt Lean Certified for Healthcare

Medical Equipment Planning Services
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