With Integrated Project Delivery gaining momentum in facility design, I have found that the failure to ‘get in there’ early, with basic equipment planning in certain key areas has created frustration for all parties, leading to wasted time and added costs later.


Whether it be budgeting, working with procurement or end-users, I can help your team work more smoothly with the architects and engineers as a project starts to take shape.

I am EDAC and Lean Green Belt Certified for Healthcare, an Attainia Certified Professional , as well as a Small Women Owned Business. Among my recent projects have been a new 7-story Ambulatory Care Center for Denver Health as well as UNM Cancer and various government projects including the VA.


If you feel there could be an opportunity where I might be able to assist your team, I would be happy to schedule an initial introductory meeting, at your convenience.



Susan Rachtman, EDAC

ph. 505 414-4872

Susan Rachtman, EDAC

Green Belt Lean Certified for Healthcare

Medical Equipment Planning Services
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